Excellence in the sea

Leader in the diving sector, Seac is an Italian company on the global scene, combining design, innovation and technology with respect for tradition and all things Italian.


Seac was founded in 1971 in San Colombano Certénoli, a small town in the province of Genoa, the brainchild of longstanding diving enthusiasts Attilio Rapallini and Marco Arata. After Marco’s son Daniele joined the company, Seac was completely reorganised, focusing more than ever before on design, technological evolution and international exports.In 2012, Seac succeeded in positioning itself on the American market, opening its first office in New York.

A dynamic company, today leader in the diving sector and present worldwide.

Research and development

Seac constantly strives for improvement through its staff of professionals, engineers and designers, which in the Italian Headquarters designs, improves and perfects the smallest of details with the help of cutting edge technological tools.

The attention to technical components is accompanied by that for the aesthetics, which thanks to the work of expert hands gives each piece an unmistakable Italian touch.

Production and quality control

Each product bearing the name Seac has been created with the utmost attention to each phase, from design, through production and assembly, right down the finished equipment which is tested, piece by piece, and undergoes strict quality controls in line with European standards.


The safety and painstaking manual control of each piece are a constant priority.

Storage and logistics

10,000 m2 of technology and efficiency: this is Seac’s current storage capacity. The no.1 warehouse for diving equipment in Europe.

The control and scrupulous organisation of the flow of materials make it one of the company’s strong points.



Customer care is a fundamental value for Seac.
As a company made up of people who try to satisfy every need with the same attention they devote to production, Seac can guarantee a series of efficient and professional aftersales services.

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